Ultrasounds and X-rays

Ultrasounds and X-rays give our veterinarians more information about your pet’s health. They’re usually used for diagnostic purposes.

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What do X-rays and ultrasounds do?

X-ray and ultrasound images are used to detect injuries such as fractures or torn ligaments, as well as certain diseases or infections. They can also be used to diagnose organ dysfunction. We also use ultrasounds to observe your pet’s heartbeat and monitor pregnancies.

Is this type of examination painful for my pet?

Not at all. Ultrasounds and X-rays are non-invasive, painless exams. They don’t normally require anesthesia and take only a few minutes. If your pet is very anxious and has a hard time staying calm, your vet may recommend a sedative to reduce their anxiety and allow our team to get clearer images.

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