Veterinary Examinations

We believe all pets should see their vet annually for a routine check-up, even if they appear to be in perfect health. It’s an excellent way to keep your pet healthy and prevent disease. When your vet sees your pet on a regular basis, they get to know them better and can monitor any changes in their health. They can also keep your cat or dog’s vaccinations and deworming up to date.

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You can also schedule a veterinary exam if you notice a change in your pet’s habits or behaviour, their coat doesn’t look quite right or they appear hurt. When you call for an appointment, just mention the reason for your visit to our receptionist, and she’ll try to book you in as soon as possible.

If it’s an emergency, contact us by phone so our team can advise you or redirect you to the right resources, if necessary. For any emergency outside of business hours, contact the nearest veterinary emergency clinic.

What happens during a veterinary examination?

If it’s a routine check-up, your vet will examine every part of your pet’s body. They will also note your pet’s weight, size and temperature, and take a look at their eyes and inside their ears. Your vet may also ask you some standard questions about your pet’s diet, their exercise and energy levels, and their habits and routines at home.
If you’ve brought your pet in because of a health problem, your vet will do a more careful examination of the affected area. They may also recommend more extensive testing to make a diagnosis.

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