Just like people, animals need blood work done. Blood tests can give our veterinarians a lot of information about your pet’s health. Since our clinic has an in-house laboratory, we can get most blood test results in under an hour.

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Why might my vet recommend blood work?

There are many situations where blood work may be recommended. Blood tests can be used for both preventive and diagnostic purposes. Your vet will usually recommend them before surgery requiring anesthesia, if your pet is sick or had an accident or during routine visits to get baseline values. There are various types of blood tests that can provide different information, such as the number of platelets and white blood cells, blood sugar levels, organ damage, infections or nutrient deficiencies.

Are blood tests dangerous or painful for my pet?

Blood tests are safe and usually cause only mild discomfort. Just like you might, your pet may feel a slight prick when the needle is inserted. However, the procedure only takes a few minutes and we draw only a minimal amount of blood, so there’s no danger to your pet.

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